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Dare Dorm is rapidly rising in popularity in the adult entertainment industry. Why is this? Does it have something to do with coeds? This is what we found out about this site.


First of all, college is just so fun! It’s the time of excitement, freedom, education, and in the case of this site, sexual exploration! Many people have had their first orgies, sex parties, gal-gal action, or sexual sessions in college because they were dared to do so, and because it’s pretty fun! This site brings you exactly this kind of material. Having been around for some time, the site has gained notoriety for being a user submitted site. Basically, a group of guys dared a group of coeds to have sex, film it, and submit to them. The challenge was accepted and off this site went! The added incentive that the coeds are given is the opportunity of winning cash prizes.

Fun money and sex are the three ingredients that this site uses to entice people to submit their amateur sex triumphs. You will have access to it all once you buy your Dare Dorm membership. The authenticity of the porn action inside is not something that you will worry too much about. Why? You will be having too much fun watching the coeds do their thing! The site is an only streaming site. This means no downloads but they have 103+ movies inside that are not only sensational to watch but also 50 minutes long. This gives you plenty of time to get really comfortable with the material, the coeds, and the hardcore se that they are having.

The quality of the videos is above average and the site says that they have an HD option. What we saw was not true HD quality but it did not look bad at all. You also have to prepare for the amateurish camera work that is displayed inside this site. Hey, they are students not professional filmmakers so cut them some slack ok! The amateur camera work gives the material a realism element that those who love amateur and coed niches will greatly appreciate. The site navigational tools are sufficient and you get some information inside as well. They update not as much as we would like them to but they do update weekly at least! The sex involves young coeds sucking, fucking, and having the time of their lives.

Dare Dorm is a basic coed pornsite with some solid points and some areas that they need to improve on. If you want college sex sessions, fun and games, user submitted porn, amateur, and a solid site, these guys can definitely do that.