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Digital Playground has been good from the day they came, and they still have that thing that makes people want to come back for more. They have won so many awards like the multiplatinum selling rap phenom – DR.DRE!


They have high definition videos and 2000 plus scenes. They have models 700 of them and a lot of great extras for new members. Is your appetite wetted yet? Are you hungry for more? Well let us provide you with more about these guys! 

At first glance, we can definitely tell that we are not messing with some amateur small league porn site. Now, we are playing with a mature site that will lay you down with pounds of hardcore sex! The design layout of the site is smooth and modern. They offer members tools for searching for material. This makes looking for the gal and niche you want child’s play!

Those of you who follow and enjoy big movie production of hardcore and lesbian nature will love this site. These guys are rivals with powerhouse porn production companies like WICKED PICTURES. They hold their own and are known for super quality smut movies. The production of the material inside has a polished feel to it. Things look organized. Things look like having some storyline and cohesion. The acting might not be Halle Berry caliber, but you get hardcore sex and super good-looking gals at least! 

Any niche you come up with you can find inside Digital Playground. The creative employment of settings, models, and hardcore sex has become a combo that has raised the name of this company into that of legends! The tits bounce all over and are wonderfully huge, the holes tight, the moans long and hard, the orgasm real-life-like, and penetration is just indescribable. That is how you will feel after a couple of hours watching the 450+ DVD titles inside.

The popular faces in porn do their thing and show their faces inside as well as other body parts! Once you have your membership, your access is not limited. You can stream that action all you like. They however don’t have download options.  The multi faceted flash player is capable of doing several things and gives high definition quality. The streaming is flawless but many still miss the fact that they cannot save the movies for future “study reference”. If you can move past this disappointment, you will have one DVD title every week, and one DVD title can have 5 scenes in each. Do the math and that is like one scene daily.

You will have categories, browsing options, filters, and search tools for accomplishing various task. They have extras like behind scene action, which adds to your experience. You get to see stars as normal people, producers behind the movies, and so much more.

They are premium, no doubt. They are big, no doubt. They are professional, no doubt. They have some of the best minds (when it comes to porn production) working for them. They have creative HD porn that is hardcore and has lots of babes. Digital Playground is special and you need to join them!