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There are a few names in porn that just stand out above all others and Hustler is one of those names. They did of course make major inroads in the 70s with their magazine, so of course you are going to be interested in seeing what their websites are like and if they come up to their usual high standards.


Well, at least I wanted to check that out, so here we go.

First of all, this site is full on hardcore unlike their magazine, so straight away it is getting plus marks from me as I do love a bit of hardcore porn. However, the other thing that strikes you is the sheer quality of the action that you see before you because these guys know how to make porn to such a high level with both the quality of the content along with the quality of the production being right up there with the very best. At least with this they score high marks on my count.

The chicks that are on this site are going to seriously get your cock hard instantly and that is before they even get naked and start to get all excited themselves. There are a number of different looks of chicks available, so yes there are blond with huge tits, but at the same time more petite girls also get a look in and that variety really does add something to the site.

There is also a massive amount of content to choose from as you are looking at close to 10,000 movie clips along with over 3000 photo sets, but thankfully it is all well organized, so you are going to be able to navigate around without any problems. At least Hustler have realized that the last thing we want to do when horny is stumble around a porn site trying to decipher how it works.

Overall, I have to admit to being impressed with what the hustler discount is providing on this website and it is certainly deserving of having that famous name associated with it. They have done well with the transition onto the Internet and with them updating on a regular basis I can see me being a member here for quite some time.