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What keeps me awake every night, apart from work, would be my favorite late night shows, like Jimmy Fallon’s and Conan O’Brien’s. I would be lying if I said that’s all. There’s actually more and you know what I’m talking about – porn.


Rather than taking what I can get, I make sure I get the most out of my money by painstakingly choosing the right source. To this end, I will be reviewing one of my personal favorites, because yes, I am subscribed to several different porn sites (because I’m an addict.) It’s called Tainster.

Before having to decide to jump into a subscription, Tainster allows you to get a quick tour inside its chambers first. But to give you an idea on what the whole theme of the site is, it’s actually pretty random. But it’s random in a way that gives a sense of unity granted that they all have a common ground, which is all about being dirty. So yeah, that is basically whole basis of the creators. So long as it dirty in a good way, like love which is painful in a liberating, euphoric manner, the T approves.

The main implication to the whole intro is that this is actually a hardcore site. So if you have any reservations and do feel some trauma whenever you watch highly magnified sensual images, then it’s about time you take your limits beyond where it lies now. Some of the greatest creations of this site can be found within one of its niches called “Porn Stars At Home,” which contains the most phenomenal archives in the vintage porn era. As such, there are more packages that await every membership and each would have its specialty. For instance, one package would be focused on live cam shows, pre-recorded masturbation sessions, MILFs banging guys in the backyard, beach sex, and so on. You know how the drill goes, right?

All in all, you will be able to enjoy up to about 3100 videos through Tainster with each video being nowhere less than 22 minutes. Apart from streaming, you have the advantage of being able to download the videos. Upon downloading, you will not have to choose any format anymore because the site automatically detects what you are using, be it an Android, an Apple device, or a personal computer. So yeah, apart from the very essence of the site which is its videos, you will also have an appreciation to its intuitive interface. Enjoy!